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What do you fear?

October is the month when everyone celebrates fear. So let’s talk about it…

“Before going over the 14-foot drop, the guide explained how not to drown in case we flipped or one of us fell out. My inner voice was screaming: “Why are you doing this?” And, my fear must have showed on my face, because Buddy leaned over to ask if I was sick. But, I was too busy praying over and over that we wouldn’t die doing this ridiculous thing I signed us up for to even answer.

When we finally reached the tipping point and braced for the fall, I shut my eyes. I closed them as hard as I could until I realized we had resurfaced, and I had indeed lived. The rush was indescribable and it is still one of my favorite memories. But, I prevented myself from fully experiencing it. I let my fear of the unknown keep me from enjoying that amazing moment completely. I shut it out. And I still wonder what it looked like inside that massive waterfall. ” –Brooke Baum

I related to this blog post so much! I’ve always lived in a state of fear that has paralyzed me from doing and enjoying so many things. A few years ago we went to Costa Rica on a river rafting adventure. And let me tell you,I was TERRIFIED. I don’t know how they convinced me to do it. I literally thought I was going to die. To make matters worse, the freaking boat almost flipped and my parents flew out! I grasped David’s hand so hard I probably cut his circulation off for a moment. I was not fixing to go help them because I don’t know how to swim. Eventually they got back on and I promised myself I would NEVER do that ever again.

But I don’t want to live that way anymore. I want to enjoy every moment even if it’s a terrifying moment. I don’t want to walk around in a constant state of anxiety and “what if’s”. I want to face my fears and enjoy life because one day we’re here and they next day we’re gone.

Basically, I want to go YOLO bro!

It’s October, let’s face our fears..


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