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October 6, 2020


Jessica & Sy’s Love Story


In high school I worked at Grimaldi’s pizzeria as a hostess. On a Sunday, Mother’s Day, May 10th 2015, Sy’s family and friends came to Grimaldi’s for dinner. Mrs. Slater came up to the hostess stand asking for a table of 9. There was a party of 9 ahead of them waiting to be seated, so I told her it was a 45-minute wait. She went outside to tell everyone how long the wait would be. They almost left except, Mrs.Slater told Sy that there was a cute girl working the front and maybe if he came with her to ask about the wait, they’d be seating sooner. Well, in the meantime, I kept buzzing the family ahead of them for their table and they never came back. So when Sy and his mother came up to the front, I went ahead and sat them. They to this day think it’s because I saw Sy, but really the table opened up.⁣

Now, this next part of the story I’m not 100% sure of. Supposedly, Sy’s family and friends kept pressuring him to talk to me while they were eating. So while I was stacking high chairs, I heard a, “Hi there,” behind me and nearly jumped out of my skin. I turned around to see this cute stranger who says, “I think I know you from somewhere, you look familiar.” What a pick up line! I had no idea who he was, so I asked, “What high-school do you go to?” He said “Katy.” Turns out he played senior men’s volleyball against Cinco Ranch High School’s team, the team I coached. I got interrupted with a different customer and he walked back to his table. Not shortly after however, Sy came back to the hostess stand with his phone ready and asked for my number. I just remember Sy waving goodbye as he left the restaurant and having so many butterflies in my stomach. I had no clue if I was ever going to see him again or how important that day was going to be to me. Even with coronavirus we still are got legally married exactly 5 years apart from the day we met, on a Sunday, Mother’s Day May 10th 2020. #FiveYearSlater⁣

But it wasn’t smooth sailing after we started dating. He was moving to New Mexico State for football and I wanted to go to Texas A&M. So we tried long distance for 8 months and realized we couldn’t go all of college living like that. I was willing to go to New Mexico State for college, but Sy didn’t want me to throw away my dream of going to A&M, so we broke up. During this confusing time in my life I started to move on, live my life in Texas and even started dating again. After it didn’t take me too long to realize he was no Sy, I was single again and even more confused. In the summer of 2018, I finally reached out again to Sy thinking we could still be friends. Little did I know that Sy wrote me a poem for every single day we were apart, that he had always loved me, was always about me even when I was so far from him. He gave me all the poems he wrote and I knew that he really did mean everything he has always been telling me. All of our trials and awkward timing being apart grew our love for each other.⁣


In Sy’s last year of college at New Mexico State we had to do long distance for about a year. For our date nights we would watch Master Chef. We loved the winner of season 1, Whitney Miller, and was rooting her her to win the whole season. So Sy got in contact with her and asked her to make a video to help Sy ask me to marry him. She said yes and sent over a personal video. That weekend we were at a beach house in Surfside with our families and friends. Sy and I were walking on the beach and when we got back up on the porch our family was sitting outside. Mrs. Slater had her laptop open and called me over and said “Come watch this video.” I recognized who it is and thought, “oh fun, it’s Whittney from Masterchef!” But then she said, my name and that Sy had something to ask me and I was in shock! Then Sy grabbed my hands, tells me he loves me and asked me to marry him and of course I said yes!


Venue: @theestatesatpecanpark
Floral: @collegeparkflowerstx
Makeup: @cakedupwithriley
Linens: @chaircoversnmoreinc
Caterer: @Catering_by_all_star
DJ: DJ Shorty Productions⁠
Coordinator : Julia Turner⁠
Gown: @weddingsbydebbie
Dress Designer: Essence of Austria⁠
Bridesmaid Dresses: @tulleandchantilly
Tuxedo: @menswearhouse
Videography: @lesliemargaritavideo & @davidsotelofilms
Photography: @amymadoxxphoto

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