How we had an adult only wedding

October 25, 2018


Planning an adult only wedding can get a little tricky but it’s not impossible.

Here’s how we did it!

To start, I am the oldest out of all my siblings and cousins which means that when I got married most them where still under age. It would have been so wrong for me to ask Aunt Sally to bring 16-year-old Kim but not 10-year-old Tammy.

However, my wonderful cousins were not the calmest little darlings during that time and after watching endless YouTube videos of weddings gone wrong, I did not want any children at my reception.

So, what did we do?

We let the kids have their own party! Our venue had an additional reception hall available on our wedding day that wasn’t booked to anyone else and we were able to get it for an additional fee. Upon arriving to the reception, the parents dropped them off and went on to enjoy the night. We hired clowns to entertain the kids and I think we had a special kids menu for them or pizza. I’m not too sure lol It’s been about seven years so forgive my forgetfulness!

If you plan on doing this I highly recommend Lil Texans On The Go. They are a husband and wife team and they do an amazing job!

All in all, we had an amazing night, no one kicked my cake over and the parents were able to enjoy the night kid free.

When searching for a venue talk to them and see what options they have available before booking. Also keep in mind that an adult only wedding isn’t for everyone. We have a huge tight knit family with lots of kids so saying you can’t come if you bring your kids wouldn’t have worked for us. Also, our family pitched in to help us with the wedding and that’s why we were able to afford to do this. If you are paying for your wedding all by yourself you might have to stand your ground and say, “no kids, please make arrangements”. After all, they are getting the invitation months in advance right?

I will be sharing more of my wedding experience soon!

Happy wedding planning!


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