Things to bring to your engagement session

October 22, 2019


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Your engagement session is right around the corner! Let’s make sure you don’t forget anything. Here are a few items I suggest you bring to make it easier and more fun!

  • Flip Flops! Because who wants to walk around in heels for 2 hours? Unless your a boss like that then go for it!
  • Towel. Not a big one lol! Just a tiny one for your man to wipe his sweat. Houston is hot and your fiance is nervous so that is a great recipe for sweat haha!
  • Mirror. Just in case you’re wearing falsies and need to make sure that they are not poking out or just need to touch up your makeup 😉
  • Sentimental item. Some couples have quirky little things that are significant to them, like a baseball (Go ‘Stros!) or a fake rooster. Yes, I had a couple request that. But the story behind it was so sweet!
  • An extra outfit. It’s always nice to do a classy outfit and then a casual one as well. It makes it look like you had 2 sessions but in reality it was one!


Hope those tips helped you out! Have fun at your session!


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