What to wear to your engagement session

October 22, 2019


Having a hard time choosing an outfit for your engagement session?! If you’re anything like me you probably change outfits 5 times every morning. So let me help you out!


  • Try to match (the 80’s are over lol)
  • Go crazy with patterns
  • Wear something uncomfortable


  • Coordinate colors that compliment each other
  • Use solid colors. If you decide to include patterns make sure it’s only one of you thats wearing the patterned outfit. Balance!
  • Wear something comfortable so that you can actually enjoy the session and have fun!

The ultimate goal is to look as classy as possible as if your were going to a wedding or your church “Sunday’s best”. We truly don’t get dolled up that often and this is the perfect time to do so! Try to stick to neutral color combinations. You can never go wrong with neutrals šŸ˜‰

Maria and Juan wore a baby blue patterned shirt and beige cocktail dress. View more from their sessionĀ here!

Kyle and Karina wore a dark blue suit and a soft blue flowy dress. View more from their sessionĀ here!

This is a great example of how to work in patterns into your outfit! Kayla wore a light patterned dress and Davis balanced it out with a solid color suit. View more from their sessionĀ here!

Now this type of outfit is my favorite! Black and black, so sophisticated and classy. I love it!


Bonus Tips for my curvylicious ladies!

We tend to layer up to cover everything but sometimes this can produce the opposite of what we’re wanting. Wear something that is fitted to your body. For example, in my recent session with my husband I wore a tight black top and then balanced it out with a white fluffy tulle skirt. Wrap dresses and tops also give a slimming effect to the body. Now go rock what your momma gave you!

Image by Mary Beth Photography

engagement session outfits


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